by Lisa Wolfe on April 3, 2015

joan of arc - nypd

For a while now, I’ve been promising myself that I’ll do a better job of posting to New York Photo Daily. I mean, what does the daily really mean if I post just once or twice a year. So this morning, despite the threat of rain, I walked out of my building, turned right, and headed for Riverside Park. The first thing I ran into was a statue of Joan of Arc looking upward, toward the heavens. At her feet were signs of spring.

joan of arc crocuses


The crocuses aren’t the first “spring like” signs I’ve seen, but they’re certainly the most colorful.

The lenten roses which are supposed to be early bloomers had buds, but they’re not ready quite yet.


Lenten Rose


By the time I got to the “You’ve Got Mail” garden at 91st Street, I realized that I wasn’t the only New Yorker looking for Spring. Some photographers will really get down and dirty to get a good shot.


garden photographer


delicate flowers


As I started back home, I realized that these were the only ‘snowdrops’ left in the park.




The peope and storefronts on Broadway are showing signs of spring also.


spring has sprung

storefront flowers


It’s Good Friday. It’s good to be hopeful. Easter is coming!




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